garmin using groundspeak dataThis morning I wrote a post about how to avoid geocache placement density issues.  In a follow-up exchange with a member of the Ontario Geocaching Association I was challenged on whether or not an API to check distances would actually work.  That’s when I remembered that perhaps one already exists.

If you have a account you can already search for caches.  This means that Garmin already has access to to the Groundspeak data.  Unlike other sites Garmin is in a position to check to see if a cache being listed on is too close to one already listed on  Not only could Garmin check if the geocache was too close they could also return caches that are listed on directly into the interface.

It will be a major advantage for Garmin over the other alternative listing sites if Groundspeak continues to let them access their database as they are now.  Questions about number of available caches and density issues go away if Garmin can return the Groundspeak data into the website.


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