Garmin eTrex Legend FrontI didn’t buy my eTrex legend for geocaching. I bought just because I thought GPS was a cool technology. A friend at work introduced me to the idea of geocaching and with eTrex in hand I decided to give it a go. The eTrex was a good entry level unit that allowed me to try geocaching. I doesn’t have all the features of more recent units but it will certainly do that job.

My first experience with the unit was a complete failure, operator error! I did not enter the coordinates correctly and I was way off the actual cache location. Thank goodness for GPX format files and writing directly to the unit from the caching website. Once I corrected my own error I tried again with greater success. That was the last time I used that unit as my primary geocaching GPS. Between that second find and when I started Caching again I had purchased a Garmin GPS 60SCx.


  • Inexpensive
  • compatible
  • rugged
  • long battery life


  • Black and White screen
  • Low resolution
  • serial connectivity only (needs a USB to serial connector)


Discovering places one cache at a time.

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