I’ve had my Garmin Colorado for almost a year now.  I’m finally getting the hang of the scroll wheel.  I’ve done a few trips on some power trails lately followed by writing online logs for the wrong cache.  My memory isn’t what it used to be so  I’m making a concerted effort to enter something that will help me remember each cache.  (note: this strategy doesn’t always work on a power trail).

Garmin Colorado Screen Capture Garmin Colorado Screen Capture Something I’ve found that helps me to enter notes faster is to use the left and right direction arrows of the scroll wheel.  Let’s say I want to type TREE as my note.   The scroll wheel always starts at the letter A.  The last two letters in the word EE are closer to A then the first two.  If  start by entering TR then I have to scroll all the way back to enter the EE.

What I do in this case is double left the scroll wheel >> then enter EE then double right << and enter TR.  In this way I scroll once forward and once backward instead of twice forward and once backward.  It may not seem like a lot but when you are as obsessed with optimization as I am you make every effort to make things faster.

Two other Garmin Colorado hints:

  1. Clockwise scrolling brings items closer and counter clockwise pushes items away.
  2. Hold the right soft key for about 5 seconds and you will have captured an image of your screen.  This is great when you need to show coordinates for an Earth cache.

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