Garmin has just introduced the Chirp.  It is a small transmitter that can send details to compatible handhelds.   You can send hints, coordinates, all kinds of things.  The unit is very small making it easy to hide almost anywhere.  I was out with the BFL crew last night and Avernar had the chirp with him.  We were seeing able to activate with as much as 10m between devices.

Garmin Chirp

I imagine this could take Whereigo or proximity games to a whole new level.   Multi-caches could take on a new dimension also.  Maybe cachers will hide bonus caches that you can only find if you have the chirp.  Would that be a good thing?

The technology is very new consequently only the latest GPSr will support it.  My Colorado has the underlying technology but the unit’s firmware does not support it.  I can see a lot of upgrades coming if people can find imaginative uses for the Chirp.

Geocaching Beacon IconThere is also a new attribute icon for caches that include the Chirp.


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