Now what would you do if you were walking through the woods and found a coffin? Turns out this happened to some folks in Minnesota. It turns out these unsuspecting muggles stumbled on a cache voted on as the Minnesota Cache of the Month by member of the Minnesota Geocaching Association. Now that must have been a cool cache!

As is sometimes the case the police were called and it’s only funny until someone sees a skeleton. The owner of the cache wrote a post about the construction of the geocache

I found the police account even more interesting:

While walking off-trail in Lebanon Park in Eagan, the four friends found a coffin with skeletal remains inside. A phone call was made and Eagan Police and members of the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office Parks, Lakes, and Trails Division also responded to the scene. Three of the four individuals had scattered after making the find, but the remaining member took police to the location of the coffin. A closer look at the coffin revealed the skeletal remains were made of plastic and left there as part of a game called Geocache…

Coffin as Geocache Container

Coffin as Geocache Container

The coffin and its occupant were taken into custody and the new coordinates for locating it would be (44 degrees 44’ 29.70 N by 92 degrees 53’ 09.72 W); for those of you without a GPS unit, that would be the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office. Good luck!

I think the police reaction might of been a bit harsh but maybe they were responding the the park’s authority in removing the cache from the park. Why can’t we all just get along?


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