Difficulty Terrain Position

Do you notice anything different about the layout of the cache page?  It looks like the Difficulty and Terrain are now listed one above the other instead of side by side.  As part of that change the Favorites feature has moved down a little.

favourites changedThe favorites number has also experienced an interesting change.  You now see a ration of favorites to logs (premium members logs).  A couple of weeks ago a geocaching friend mentioned that there was a thread going on in the forums that was discussing the notion of a percentage of favorites to finds.  It would appear that Groundspeak was paying attention and has updated this feature.

And lets not forget the new maps.  They have finally received an update that makes them a little more useful.  Now you can see your find and your hides as well as limiting by cache type or type groupings.  Here’s a link to the new map.


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