In the last week I’ve written a few posts on Garmin’s initiative.  While doing some research I thought it would be interesting to post a couple of caches on the existing website.  The opencaching.TLD community is a little split on whether it is a good idea for Garmin to launch a commercial site that uses a variation of that community’s domain name.

The process of adding the cache was pretty straight forward.  Unlike at it is the cache owner’s job to activate a cache.  The reviewer simply approves the cache for listing.  The owner has to flip the switch to make it active.  I think I like this approach.  By going this route the cache owner can decide to turn on a cache so that it coincides with something else they are doing.

For now I cross posted a couple of caches.  I think I’ll have to create an opencaching only cache and see how that works out.  I have an idea for a neat urban nano that I might make an opencaching only cache.

There are very few caches listed on the site.  It is this lack of listings that many feel will lead to the failure of the Garmin project.  Content is how Sony won the blu-ray war.  Perhaps that is how Groundspeak will win the opencaching war.


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