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After the group shots, Team Goju had a few more that they needed to take.  Having carried a costume all the way to the top, understandably you’d want to make sure you got SOME shots with it.  Res2100, wisely, wanted to get as much hiking done while the daylight was still out so we decided to split the remaining group of 6 hikers (Res2100, HikerT, Jefftrex, Team Goju x2 and myself) up again.  As Team Goju’s GPS was wonky at the best of times I decided to wait it for a bit longer and go with them even though it might mean missing out on the first to do the ridge and back in a day.  Having been through so much with them today it was an easy decision and I have absolutely no regrets.  Jefftrex and I borrowed a water filer/pump from Tomtec and went with Res2100 and HikerT down to Dick Lake.  There we parted ways and didn’t see Res2100 or HikerT again till the following morning.  We filled up our camel packs using the filter while we waited for the Team Goju.  When they arrived, they did some filling too.  I started checking out the many pockets in my vest while we were waiting and found a nice surprise.  I’d brought a bag of 2-bite brownies along for the car trip and forgot all about them.  They were a welcome treat for everyone and it wasn’t long before they were devoured.

Down the trail we went.  It wasn’t like you’re average trail.  There were many rocky bumps along the way, the odd bit of bushwhacking along the side of one of the lakes and marshes.  We lost the trail briefly near the marsh at the middle before finding it again.  Luckily, we heard tales of how people made it up.  The most important one being the many stories of how people took a marshy route and found out after that there was a few logs across the marsh hidden about 15m away.  We were able to get across without getting wet or going barefoot.  The sun was starting to set and the lakes above Scarecrow were like glass.  We couldn’t help stopping for a few minutes rest at each of the lakes.  Besides, this downhill was playing havoc on my knees so the stops were very welcome on my end.

Arriving at the boat launch area we noticed many of the trees were burned out in a wide area as we approached the water.  Our guess is that it might have been some sort of controlled burning to promote some new growth in the area which was evident on closer inspection.  With the sun disappearing over the horizon we didn’t spend too much time there and started to follow the main bushwhack route along the lake.


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