What an experience.  For the three years prior to this year I’ve been attending the annual BFL Boot Camp.  I attended this year but not as a cacher.  I was one of the organizers of this year’s event.  I was excited to have volunteered to prepare a cache and then I realized that as and organizer I wouldn’t be going out on event night to find the caches.  For a while I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be trudging through the woods at night in search of an FTF.  Then we started beta testing the caches.

This hole experience was very rewarding.   I had been to my cache about half a dozen times prior to the event night.   My co-builder Bakers Dozen and I were not sure others would find our cache as interesting as we did until it was beta tested.   The BFL crew enjoyed the cache which was quite a relief.

The idea of spending seven hours manning the command centre when there were over 100 cachers out there having fun concerned me.  I shouldn’t have worried.  Me and the other organizers had a lot of fun listening to the stories as people came by to sign the log.  A group of us even got to get out there and do a cache we hadn’t beta tested.  Even though I had seen the illuminatrix prior to it being placed we still have trouble figuring that one out.  It really helps to read the instructions.

We wrapped up the evening at 0400 and I think I could have gone for another couple of hours.  That is until I got home.  I was asleep shortly after getting home.   I’ve been dragging a little bit for the last couple of days.  I don’t know if that’s because of the late nights of or the fact that I miss the excitement of getting ready for the BFL Boot Camp.  Doesn’t matter how I feel, I know I want to participate next year!

If you are interested in these caches I’ve created  a book mark list:


Even if you don’t plan on trying these caches reading the logs can be quite entertaining.


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