5 Mistakes I Made

TweetThe title says mistakes but that’s just because it’s easy to write.   The 5 mistakes I’m talking about are the five things I wish I started caching with instead learning as I went.   The other night I was out caching with Bakers Dozen and we were discussing head lamps.   During our conversation […]

Geocaching Icons

TweetAs happens from time to time Groundspeak makes a change on geocaching.com that some members of the user community do not like.  I’m not one to resist change.  Change is inevitable.   The only thing I want to say about the new icons is I like this set created by thebruce0 a lot better.  The […]

Choosing a Headlamp

TweetI’ve been answering questions on a few threads lately so I decided to write a post about choosing a headlamp.   As with most of my technical posts these days they are being posted to the blog over at Cache At Night.   The gist of my post is that there is more to selecting […]

Garmin Will Buy Munzee.com

TweetIf the folks at Garmin are smart they will buy munzee.com.  Why would Garmin buy a smart phone game?  To start with, the new generation of Garmin GPS receivers with built in cameras already support QR codes.   Once it’s supported in hardware telling the device what to do when it scans the code is just […]

munzee.com crushes opencaching.com

Tweet A little over a year ago Garmin Launched opencaching.com to much fanfare. In that time Opencaching has managed to attract less than 50 geocache listings in the Waterloo Region. Compare this with the almost 2300 munzees placed in the region of Water in just over a year. With this stat alone munzee has crushed […]