Garmin Capitulates

Tweet Is there are real advantage to being the first mover in a new category?  Absolutely!  The recent reversal by Garmin is a prime example. Let’s set the stage.  In May of 2000 the US Government turned off selective availability on the military initiated Global Positioning System (GPS).   Prior to this change consumer GPS units […]

Garmin and Groundspeak Officially Talking

TweetIt was pointed out to me on Monday by cacher Dr. House that the new announcement from Garmin made no mention of    I wondered if it meant that Garmin and Groundspeak were officially working together.   I have since been able to confirm from  Groundspeak that it is indeed true; Groundspeak and Garmin […]

Are Garmin and Groundspeak friends again?

TweetThis was pointed out to me me by one of my caching friends today.    Here is an excerpt from the Garmin blog.  Notice that is mentions directly.   Where is the mention of Opencaching? The GPSMAP 64 series makes paperless geocaching easier than ever. Each device comes preloaded with the locations of 250,000 […]

Do nanos suck?

TweetI was so amazed the first time I saw magnetic nano cache.   I remember it quite clearly.   I was in a parking lot parked in front of a sign.   Where could the cache be.   Turns out it was in the gap between the sign and the U shaped posed that held the […]

Power to the People

It takes a good six months of efforts to put the BFL Boot Camp together. At the size it is now it would be nearly impossible to put this event on without access to collaboration tools. To buy access to comparable commercial tools would easily cost into the thousands of dollars. Our event and the tools we use to put it on is just one example of how social/collaboration tools are giving more Power to the People!