ET Phone Home … or NDOT

TweetET didn’t phone home he called NDOT.  I have it from a reliable source that the Nevada Department of Transportation has been pressured into allowing the ET Highway cache series to return.  The local businesses saw a material impact to their business as a result of the influx of geocachers. While the ET Highway series […]

The Portuguese Swamp

Tweet  The Portuguese Swamp is a Provincially Significant Wetland, most of which is owned by the City of Cambridge with some parts privately owned. The Portuguese Swamp is bound on the south by Burnett Ave, to the east by Townline Road, the west by Can-Amera Parkway and to the north by a residential subdivision. The […]

Garmin eTrex Legend

TweetI didn’t buy my eTrex legend for geocaching. I bought just because I thought GPS was a cool technology. A friend at work introduced me to the idea of geocaching and with eTrex in hand I decided to give it a go. The eTrex was a good entry level unit that allowed me to try […]

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

TweetThe Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx is my primary GPS for geocaching. You would this this unit was purpose built for geocaching the features are so easy to use. It even tops the Garmin Colorado in it’s abitlity to easily add waypoints on the fly. Pros Long battery life Clear bright screen Geocaching specific features On the […]

Wilfrid G Crozier Nature Reserve

TweetThe Wilfrid G Crozier reserve has played an important role in preserving the beauty and ecology of the Niagara Escarpments. The 4-hectare reserve straddles a section of the escarpment near Milton. Donated to the Ontario Federation of Naturalists in 1972 by Wilfrid G. Crozier, the reserve allowed the Federation to appear before hearings on the […]