For me geocaching is the ultimate mix of three elements: technology, outdoors and citizenship.   When it comes to the technology what could be cooler than using a hand held device that receives signals from space!  The various geocaching websites are pretty cool too.   The outdoors is equally easy to understand.  Those satelite signals only penetrate so far into buildings, we are forced to go outdoors if we want to Geocache. Citizenship is a little less obvious.   

I could have said friendship or even fellowship but there is something about geocaching that makes me think of citizenship.  Complete strangers place something they have bought or made at some location that is at least slightly inconvenient for them so that others may enjoy the search.   The people that find these containers by-and-large leave them as they find them.  If that’s not being a good citizen I don’t know what is. 

The fact these geocaching citizens often gather to exchange ideas, swap stories and track down the people that hide those devilishly hard to find geocaches makes attending geocaching events worthwhile.  These can be local events or large regional geobashes.  All of them tend to be fun if that is your goal. 

Here are my five reasons why you should attend geocaching events:

  1. You will get hints on how to find those tricky geocaches that we all have trouble with form time-to-time. 
  2. You will learn about geocaching etiquette.  The only way we can continue to enjoy this activity is if we collectively follow proper protocol and etiquette for placing and finding geocaches.
  3. You will discover some geocaches that you will enjoy finding. 
  4. You will get tips and advice on gear, techniques, safety and other practical tidbits that will make geocaching more enjoyable.
  5. You’ll have people to tell your stories to.  Just like fisherman have the “one that got away” stories geocachers all have the “I couldn’t find it … until” stories.  These are fun to share. 

If you think of some reasons I missed then please share them in the comments section below.  I look forward to seeing you at a geocaching event sometime!


I have been writing the cachemania blog since 2008. I'm interested in the development of geocaching and the many ways that people play the game.

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