I recently made a series of geocaches from various containers I had lying around the house.  I was trying to decided what is the best container for a geocache.   I used a round lock-n-lock and a square lock-n-lock.  I painted both using camouflage paint.  I looked at the cost of these containers, about $3ea when you buy brand name and about $2ea when you buy the dollar store variety.  I’d never used an ammo can before so I went hunting for one of those as well.

The ammo can was a bit more expensive at about $7ea but I could tell right away that the ammo can was far more robust than the plastic containers.

One complaint about ammo can goecahes is that they can be hard to open.  This is certainly true but you can make it easier to open using a simple technique.  Open the ammo can.  Find the biggest adjustable wrench you have and close it down until it slips over the lip of the ammo can lid.  Gently bend the lip away from the ammo can.  Be careful not to go too crazy with this.  You just need it a little looser.

The ammo can comes in the typical army green but I like to spray on a bit of a camouflage pattern using camouflage paint.  I recommend you use camouflage paint as it produces a mat finish.  Put the ammo can geocache in a shady part of the forest and it will be very hard to see, unless you have good coordinates.

An ammo can geocache is also larger than your typical plastic container.  This means it can hold more swag.  The swag helps keep the kids excited.  It’s still a treasure hunt for them.  It’s for this reason that I’ll be trying to place more ammo can geocaches.

Ammo Can Geocache with some swag

Ammo Can Geocache with some swag


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