I’m an avid geocacher.  This site is for stories, commentary and other geocaching related information.

My name is John Robb and  geocache using the ID – teamvoyagr.   Ask me why there is no E if you meet me at an event.

I prefer quality over quantity.  I’ve really taken a liking recently to well camoufaged hides. I’d like to see cache ratings added to cache pages.  I’m not adverse to putting out traditional geocaches but I prefer caches that have a little bit of thought applied to them.  They don’t have to be hard just interesting.

I have contributed a little bit to the Ontario Trails Project and I make edits to the Open Street Maps project from time to time.  I encourage you to get involved in these projects.

License Details

I have learned a great deal from the Commons we know as the Internet.  As a result I like to give back whenever I can.  For that reason the work I produce on this blog is released under a creative commons license.  I still retain ownership of the content but you are welcome to reuse the content as long as you abide by the license.   In short you are free to share and remix my content under the following conditions:  provide attribution, preferably with a link back to this site, you use the content for non-commercial purposes and you release your work under the same license terms.

If you are looking for geocaching resources I recommend this site: Geocaching Online.

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