I’d wanted to do this geocache for some time.  I don’t have a canoe so I had to wait until the weather conditions allowed me to wade across the Grand River.   The river is shallow here so wading it is quite doable.   As usual I brought along Bakers Dozen for this little adventure.  My friend, Seek&GoHide was visiting from BC so we took her along too.

Our adventure started on the wrong side of the river.  Having looked at Google Earth I figured this would be the shallower part of the river.  What I didn’t realize was that there is no path to the river from the west side.   Back in the car and around we go.

There are great trail right to the edge of the river on this side. We all put on the clothes we thought best suited a wade through the Grand River.   At its deepest the river was up to my chest.  It was very managable.  We’ve had a fair bit of rain of late so the water might have been a bit higher than normal.  The GRCA manages the river with dams so I don’t think there is much fluctuation in water level at our entry point.

Due to my first choice of entry positions we started our crossing a little later than we had hoped.  The sun was starting to go down.  We were travelling light so we did not bring flashlights, big mistake!

Combined we have almost 2000 caches between us.  Even with that experience none of us were able to locate the cache. All three of us looked in the hiding spot but without a flashlight the camouflage did it’s job well.   Three DNFs.  We weren’t too disappointed.  The attempt was fun.  I also new that I’d be back.  I knew it had to be there as Dreadnaught, Zoeker Bill and Crystal Dawns all found the cache in the last few days.  This knowledge came in handy.

I sent out a couple of emails and got back confirmation that we were indeed looking in the correct place.  On our next outing I brought along my flashlight.  The light proved its worth.   I located the cache quickly upon arriving at the posted coordinates.  I was happy to make the find, my 300th.   At least this time we could cross the river knowing that we were not thwarted by this cache.  There is a certain kind of satisfaction in knowing that you were not bettered by the cache.

Thanks to the “Inukshuk”ers for a fun cache!


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