As much as my Colorado 300 annoys me from time-to-time I’m not going back to my GPSMAP 60CSx.  I loved my 60CSx but the lack of paperless caching is a problem.  I love the convenience of dropping a pocket query directly onto a memory card.  It makes getting ready for Geocaching so much easier.  That’s one of the conveniences of my Colorado.  What I don’t love about my Garmin Colorado is the fact that I need all new mounting hardware.  I already have a car mount and a bicycle mount for my 60 series, why can’t I use those?

A couple of months ago I gave this problem some thought.  I didn’t do anything about it but I realized I had two clips that I could combine into one clip that would allow me to use my 60CSx mounts.   Two days ago I went out on my bike and had no where to mount my Colorado.  This was a serious pain.  I spent most of the 10km ride holding my Colorado.  That was it, I’d had it, I was finally going to build the clip I needed.

60CSx style mount for Colorado GPS

Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx style mount for Colorado GPS

Last night I spent a couple of hours taking apart the two clips and reassembling them as a new clip that will connect to my existing mounts.  With this new clip I avoid the absurdity of having two mounts on my handlebars or in my car.  Now I only need one and I can either mount my 60 series GPSr or my Colorado.  I took the new assembly out for a test drive this morning and it survived the 10km road route that I took.  There were a few bumps along the way and the I did not experience any problems.  I also picked up a couple of caches while I was out testing.

The modification is not perfect.  There are a few changes I’d make if I was to do it again.  It baffles me that Garmin did not create such a clip.  Would you be interested in such a clip if it was commercially available?


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