Here is a list of 10 features on that you may or may not be using but you should.   These are features for premium members (paid subscriptions).  Keep that in mind if you can’t access the features listed here.

  1. Bookmarks.  You can use bookmarks to create lists of interesting caches, milestone caches.  In addition to creating the lists you can also share them.   There are two ways parts to sharing bookmark lists: on your profile or on the cache page.   If you share on your profile other geocachers will only see your list if they visit your profile.  By sharing on the cache page your bookmark list will appear as a link on any cache page that is found in your bookmark list.  Here is my bookmark list for the BFL Boot Camp IV.
  2. Ignore list.  The ignore list is a special type of bookmark list.  Unlike other bookmark lists you cannot make this list public.  By using the ignore list you will not see these caches on maps or see them in your pocket queries.  I have heard of other geocachers putting certain kinds of caches in there  ignore list as soon as they are available.  Not everyone wants to a  lamp post cache.
  3. Listing your GPS unit.   You can add your GPS unit to your profile. The accumulative effect of this is that you can see which GPSr units are popular.  The ratings might help in making a decision when it’s time to upgrade.
  4. Pocket Queries.  Pocket Queries are a way for you to collect a large number of geocaches into one file that you can then easily import into your GPSr.  There is enough information in the output file that you can even do paperless geocaching if you have a GPSr that supports this feature.
  5. Email Notifications.  Have you ever wondered how some people get all the first to finds in your area?  Chances are they are getting email notification as soon as a new cache is published.  I met one cacher that has a special sound file for these notifications.

Can you suggest any other features that I missed?


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