Any Geocachers About?

TweetHave you ever rolled into an out of the way trail-head parking lot and found another car there?  Did you wonder if they were also geocaching?  Just last weekend we walked back to our cars from a 1km hike on a frozen lake only to find a geocacher’s car parked between our vehicles.  Brendah from our group […]

CacheMania License Details

TweetYou may have noticed the addition of the Creative Commons logo to the bottom of the left column.   I recently noticed that one of my posts formed the basis of a similar article by someone else but they didn’t provide attribution.  I don’t mind if someone wants to help the geocaching community by reusing my content […]

Opencaching Blog

TweetI stumbled across a neat blog devoted to Opencaching.  The blog called  I’m not sure who the author is but the domain is registered to a Ronald Miller.  I’ll assume he’s the author.   The site is relatively new.  The site is focused exclusively on  If you are into opencaching you might want […]

Is Parking Available?

TweetIn the last year I’ve gone on a number of group geocache outings and invariable we run in to parking problems.   Do you think about parking when you list your geocache?  I suppose it won’t come naturally to you to think about parking if you don’t drive,  much is it may not dawn on […]

10 Benefits of Winter Caching

TweetHere in the Northern latitudes many people choose to stay indoors during the winter.   I encourage those folks that would rather stay warm and cozy indoors to get outside and enjoy some winter caching.  Here 10 things I think are benefits of winter geocaching: Footprints in the snow. Foliage has turned brown but camouflage […]