Grandma Terrain Rating

TweetIn the last two days I’ve done over 70 caches. So many in a row allows you to see patterns much clearer. The rail trail we were on is very flat and if not snow covered would be fairly easy to walk on.  You could give it a Grandma Terrain Rating.  The trail is not wheelchair accessible […] Resolves Privacy Issue

TweetThis past Tuesday Groundspeak announced changes to that included a new stats page.  One of the features of the stats page included a listing of your nearest and furthest finds.  According to a developer at Groundspeak you only saw the cache ID if you were logged into your own account.  It was not clear […]

New Importance of Keeping Track of Finds

TweetLike many of you I’ve been assigning my favorites since the feature went live on Tuesday.  It turns out that only premium members can assign favorites and you have to have found the cache, DNFs don’t count. Last April I was on a road trip to Northern Ontario and stopped to do a few caches […]

Garmin Strikes Back and Misses

TweetOkay so the gloves are off. Groundspeak had much fan fair about the launch of recent updates to the website. On the same day as the update Garmin announces that has an official peer review process.  The timing cannot be coincidental. This is a major victory for Groundspeak.  Supporters of have insisted […]

Summary of New Features at

TweetRegardless of what the timing may suggest the new features on  have been in the works for some  time.  That much is obvious.  What is not so obvious are some of the subtle changes that have taken place.  More thought is going in to the design.  Groundspeak is moving away from what my friend […]