Garmin to Introduce a Geocaching Site?

TweetThere is a discussion going on at the It’s Not About The Numbers blog concerning whether or not Garmin is going to launch a geocaching website. The author of that blog points out some interesting indicators but I don’t agree with the author’s conclusion. There is only a little evidence thus far.  There is a WHOIS entry that lists […]

Unique Underwater Cache

TweetHere is a video I assembled from a visit to Leviathan Lurking.  I was out west to attend Geowoodstock VIII and visit family.  During a brief stay in Vancouver I was able to try this cache which I’d heard so much about.  The apparatus for this cache is quite complicated and will fail from time […]

Alternative to Wading Rivers

TweetI received this picture from a geocaching friend today.  Here in Ontario rivers run quite cold in the fall.  Upon getting close to a cache my friend realized that he’d have to cross a river to get to the cache.  There was supposed to be a bridge but it was gone.  Never fear the intrepid […]

Garmin GPSMAP 62s Initial Thoughts

TweetI ordered my Garming GPSMAP62s on Wednesday and it arrived today.  I admit it I succumbed to Garmin’s cash grab and upgraded so that I can use the chirp technology.  I would not have upgraded if the Colorado firmware received an upgrade.  The fact that it doesn’t is a sign that Garmin would rather you […]

BFL Devilluminati is Over

TweetWhat an experience.  For the three years prior to this year I’ve been attending the annual BFL Boot Camp.  I attended this year but not as a cacher.  I was one of the organizers of this year’s event.  I was excited to have volunteered to prepare a cache and then I realized that as and […]