Cache listed on

TweetIn the last week I’ve written a few posts on Garmin’s initiative.  While doing some research I thought it would be interesting to post a couple of caches on the existing website.  The opencaching.TLD community is a little split on whether it is a good idea for Garmin to launch a commercial site […]

Backpack Modification for Garmin Clip

TweetI was talking to a geocaching friend the other day and he mentioned that he finds the new Garmin mounting system a bit frustrating.   He is used to the mounting system from the 60 series of GPSr.  He has a GPSMAP 62s now and has to deal with the carabiner clip as an attaching […]

Garmin Not Very Open About

TweetLast week I wrote a post about why Garmin might want to create  In that post I gave my opinion about why I thought Garmin might go in this direction.  My problem with that post is that it was all opinion.  I had no facts.  I like facts.  I like to know what is going […]

Do we need

TweetGroundspeak does a good job with don’t they?  I think they have built a nice functional website, for that I’m happy.  I think they are also narrow minded and restrictive with the information we contribute and for that I am not happy. I sit on the executive team for the Ontario Geocaching Association.  When […]

Geocaching Review – Garmin GPSMAP 62s

TweetThe GPSMAP 62s has now joined me for some geocaching adventures, at night no less!  I was previously using a Garmin Colorado 300.   My sense is that Garmin has worked hard to make this a geocaching friendly GPS receiver. Even though I think it is a excellent GPSr for geocaching it is going to […]