Something New From Garmin?

TweetThe Oregon will soon be replaced by the new Garmin Nevada neural implant with Area51 Geocache AutoSense(TM) technology. You’ll develop a twitch on your left side when you get within 250 metres of a geocache, and both sides will twitch when within 25 metres. Automatic downloads use TELUS and AT&T to download cache descriptions directly […]

Groundspeak Wins Round One

TweetGroundspeak outlasts another competitor.  It appears the geocache listing site, is going to shut down on December 31, 2010.  There is a post on their forum that makes this assertion.   The administrators are willing to have someone take over the site but they are done with it. I will now have to find a new […]

Groundspeak Fosters Openness

TweetLast week I wrote a post about my struggle to get a count of the number of geocachers in Ontario from Groundspeak.  I went through the regular channels and was told the information doesn’t exist.  Technically speaking that is probably true so I rephrased my question.  I asked how many members of are from […] has a Mascot

TweetGarmin may be keeping quiet about but they are definitely up to something.  I started receiving reports of the mascot showing up on the homepage last week.  I though just thought “oh isn’t that cute” but didn’t think anymore of it.  Then I started seeing all the forum posts.  The arrival of the […]

Geocache Listing Site Experiment

TweetPrior to the launch of Garmin’s site I thought I’d take a look at the three current contenders for geocache listing sites:, and I created a cache unique for each listing site. The caches are reachable from the same parking location so you can do all three in one stop, assuming […]