Which TV Show do Geocachers Watch?

TweetA few times I’ve been on the trail with fellow geocachers when I here someone mention Mantracker or Survivor Man.  This got me to wondering if there is something about these kinds of shows that attracts geocachers.  The poll below doesn’t necessarily answer that question but it might give us an idea of whether or not geocachers […]

Approaching 1000 Geocache Finds

TweetAs I approach 1000 geocache finds I’m starting to get a strange feeling come over me.  I’ve never been about the numbers.  Some of my caching friends have in excess of 4000 finds, one even double that.  For me I’ve never enjoyed going out and doing drive by caches just to pad my numbers.   […]

60 Series Style Mount for Garmin Colorado

TweetAs much as my Colorado 300 annoys me from time-to-time I’m not going back to my GPSMAP 60CSx.  I loved my 60CSx but the lack of paperless caching is a problem.  I love the convenience of dropping a pocket query directly onto a memory card.  It makes getting ready for Geocaching so much easier.  That’s […]

An Expensive Ladder

TweetI attended a Golden Horseshoe Monthly Geocaching Club event today.  It was held in Stratford which is the home town for my geocaching pals 2 Land Rovers.   It wasn’t until dinner that Maryanne showed us pictures of how she retrieved a cache that was placed in a tree.  The  cache description called for climbing […]

Hiding a Micro Cache

TweetIf you live in an urban area chances are you are going to be looking for micro caches at some point.  This is a size cache container that is gaining in popularity even in more remote areas where there is lots of room for larger caches. I’m making a concerted effort to create larger caches […]